Word for 2011: Optimism


I set up this blog a good year and a half ago, but have been reluctant to let people know about it, let alone post anything.  Well, no more sitting on the sidelines. I’m officially launching The Regular American blog in January 2011 because I’m convinced that every voice, no matter how big or small, can make a difference in making this country great again. I cordially invite friends, family, connoisseurs, critics, and most of all, Regular Americans, to jump in and speak their mind, regardless whether we agree or not. Because the most important thing we all must recognize, is that honest and intellectual debate, is how America will become great again. Debate creates action, as we saw these past two years with the birth of the Tea Party and the subsequent November elections of 2010. Regular Americans are starting to speak up in this country; we are no longer a silent majority. And I’m OPTIMISTIC that America is on the right path and will return to its traditional values.

So who is a Regular American? First of all, he or she is a proud patriot. He may disagree with the policies of today, but in his heart, he knows that America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. He knows that no other place on the planet can offer you the freedoms that provide the opportunities to realize your dreams, no matter your race, gender, religion, or creed.

He is of no particular color or gender. He could be just a middle class white guy with a Puerto Rican wife and two bi-racial kids. He is not a republican nor democrat, just a regular guy or gal, who loves his country, his family, his friends, and his pets.

He treats his neighbors with respect and he works hard to get ahead. He plays by the rules, pays his dues (taxes), and he knows that the government could NEVER take care of his family better than he could.

He doesn’t have to be white, and his name doesn’t have to be Smith, as Archie Bunker might have you believe. He’s just a regular guy or gal who wants what everybody else in the world wants…. A great place to call home.

Despite what the analysts, economists, and pundits say about what lies ahead for future, I’m optimistic that this country is getting on the right track again. Not in our policies, but, more importantly, in our hearts. People are fed up and that’s all there is to it.
Whether it’s the healthcare bill or taxes, people are tired of Washington running wild with OUR money. And that’s something that many people forgot recently. IT’S OUR MONEY! I always laugh when I hear politicians say things like “we can’t cut taxes with no way to pay for them”.  Since when do we PAY for a tax cut?  Washington needs to balance OUR (taxpayers) checkbook, just like we do at home. They need to stop trashing the Dollar; remember the dollar? Stop printing money like it grows on trees, and get back to common sense governing like our founding fathers intended when they formed this great country 200 plus years ago.

So I’m looking forward to a great 2011. My wife and I, two regular americans, made new years resolutions this year. I suggest anyone who stumbles upon this blog, no matter what their situation is in life, to do the same and stick to them.


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