How to beat the red light cameras


A little late after sending in my $162 fine to my local municipality but I just read an article in The Palm Beach Post on how most of these tickets are getting thrown out.

First of all, if you get one of these citations in the mail, don’t send it back with a check. That’s what they’re “banking” on. My local community has made $35,000 in 3 months from just 1 camera.

What people don’t realize is that the camera isn’t sophisticated enough to capture the whole infraction(car in the box as well as the red light itself) and read the license plate as well. The actual photo itself is time stamped that shows the time and day of the infraction. Well, you can’t read the plate on that photo. What they do is zoom in to get the picture of the license plate. The problem is it now becomes a seperate photo. The zoomed in photo doesn’t have the time stamp. There’s no REAL proof that the car in the photo is yours; the argument being that a photo may have been taken of your plate while your car was parked in your driveway!

If the article was printed 2 weeks ago I could’ve saved myself some money. Damn!



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