Rick Scott’s Florida

I love controversy; it always creates heated debate. Who’s right, who’s wrong?

Two bills being introduced in the Florida legislature are causing quite a stir this third week of Republican Governor Rick Scott’s administration. One dealing with gun rights, and one dealing with an Arizona style immigration law and the requirement of businesses to use E-Verify to verify if an employee is here legally or not. Two bills that I vehemently applaud, because Florida needs them.

The first, dealing with gun laws, would expand Florida’s concealed carry law to allow weapons to be carried openly (side-arm), Clint Eastwood style. I love this. Opponents of this law fear it would intimidate tourists and proprietors who frequent businesses in cities such as West Palm Beach. Proponents of the law claim that many Floridians already have the right to carry concealed  weapons and that an open-carry law would deter crime. I happen to agree. I think it’s quite obvious that would-be violent offenders (robbery, murder, rape) would be less likely to confront an armed victim.  Florida has issued more carry permits than any state (1.7 million), but revoked only 167 (0.01 percent) due to gun crimes by permit-holders. 

The other issue on the table is an Arizona style immigration law along with a requirement that employers use E-Verify to determine if the people they hire are here legally. I LOVE THIS!!! We need this law.

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau conducted research and it’s findings indicated that more than one million immigrants, most of them illegal, found jobs during the last two years.  This is very disturbing considering the national unemployment rate is 9.4 percent and Florida’s is hovering around 12.

Opponents of this law conclude that it will hurt Florida’s $7.5 billion dollar agriculture industry. Who will farmers get to pick their fruits and vegetables?  They can’t get legal residents to do these types of menial jobs; these are jobs that Americans “won’t do”. My answer is this: There are over one million unemployed in Florida, some nearing 99 plus weeks of unemployment. Taxpayer subsidized. It looks to me like a pretty large pool of workers. What do you mean they won’t do it? Make them do it. We have minimum wage laws in this state as well as federal minimum wage. Instead of allowing illegal immigrants to come here and burden taxpayers with subsidized health and education costs, take workers from the unemployment pool! I didn’t know that during a heated recession, you are allowed to pick and choose what kind of work you do. “Jobs Americans wont do”. Since when? What a sad state we’re in when people are allowed to just sit at home and collect for 99 plus weeks, when obviously there ARE  jobs available. A million illegal immigrants found them, why can’t you? Besides, aren’t you getting sick of seeing them (illegals) loitering around Home Depot and convenient stores waiting to get picked up?


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