I’ve Got Archives Dude…..

How cool is this? I officially launched The Regular American blog in January, about 5 weeks or so ago. Well according to my little counter I’ve had 1000 or so visitors stop  by (Matt Drudge, lookout!)  and I also have this cool little drop down menu that says…..you guessed it, Archives.

I guess I’m just being silly but I kind of like this little blogging thing. It’s turning into a real hobby, like building model airplanes (maybe not, but it does take a little creativity doesn’t it?) It did take me a few months to learn how to put the blog together, learn how to plug-in the widgets and rss feeds and now, I’m constantly finding myself thinking of what I can write about next, and because I have this little “archive” thing going on now, I actually have a history; a portfolio if you will, of things readers, friends, and family members can look back on and see what this wacko had on his mind one day. A diary, so to speak, although it happens to be very public. As you can see it doesn’t take much to excite me (Big Smile).

WordPress is a fantastic venue to blog. I read “Freshly Pressed” daily to see what people are yapping about. I try to make it a point to interact (comment, converse) with other bloggers and I’ve read some really cool posts.  I’m inspired by all the stories, photos, and anecdotes that people from all walks of life are willing to share.


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