Primitive punishment gone too far…

I’m sick to my stomach reading stories like this. A fourteen year old rape victim who was sentenced to 100 lashes, for being raped, succumbed to her injuries after her 80th or so whipping. It’s time for civilized societies to come together and take a stand  this primitive, inhumane, and cruel punishment. This should be an act of war in my opinion. These are innocent children, who are victimized not only because they’re forced to adhere to out-dated primitive laws such as Sharia, but they are also abused, raped, and in some cases such as this, killed for being a helpless victim.

We’re hearing more and more about these cases every day. Radical muslim clerics want to push Sharia law into western countries and there is strong evidence that Sharia is showing up in the United States. We’ve heard stories of recent honor killings in Arizona, Texas, and New York that have made national headlines here in our country.

As Americans we need to make it known to the Muslim world and to muslims living here in the United States that this is no place for Sharia law. What Americans take for granted and don’t understand is that the goal of Islam is to spread Sharia around the globe. Conquer and build (mosques). The heart of the debate regarding the mosque at ground zero is exactly that. But clerics who preach peace won’t tell you the true intent and meaning of building the mosque itself.

Getting back to the reason I wanted to write this post to begin with: A 14-year-old girl died, yes, died because of a primitive law that cuts the hands off of people who steal, stones women who supposedly “cheat”, cuts the tongues from people who lie, and so on and so on. This is 2011 people. The fact that this is still going on after 2000 years is mind-blowing. I understand that we cannot be the world’s babysitters, but how about some serious appealing to the U.N. for human rights accords? Not that they would do anything. We should quit the U.N. and kick them out of New York. Useless organization.


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