Coexist? I’d love to but….

….Muslims won’t let me.

 Has anybody seen these ridiculous “Coexist” bumper stickers lately? They’re popping up all over the place; you usually see them on the back of Prius’s or on cars parked at Vassar College (I’ve yet to see one on the back of a Dodge Challenger). What’s the deal with these things? Ok, the message they’re trying to convey is that all religions should learn to get along and live together. Great! I’m all for that; let’s do it!

Now, I’m not making assumptions but I think we all know who this message points to: The arrogant, intolerant, war-mongering, evil, crusading Christians (really, it’s the 25 or so members of the fringe Westboro Baptist Church, but I guess we’re all guilty). 

The irony of this whole thing is that you’ll never see a Muslim displaying this message. I read on another blog somewhere that if you look at the layout of the sticker, the crescent and star(symbol of Islam) looks like the little Pac-Man character and it’s positioned to gobble up all the other groups; a perfect analogy since that is the goal of Islam. Conquer, kill, and build mosques. The sad thing is, if Muslims actually WOULD display this message it would no longer be controversial.

Most liberals (who proudly throw the bumper sticker in your face) don’t get this. What they don’t understand is that everything liberals stand for, their whole mantra, Muslims hate…..much more than conservative principles. They hate western culture, capitalism, and every religious and lifestyle symbol on the sticker, except for their own. For example: Freedom of religion, gay marriage, homosexuality, women’s rights, inter-racial marriage, inter-faith marriage, voting rights, etc. Why liberals would  side with these radical maniacs is mind-boggling. I mean, who’s more tolerant of those issues noted, Muslims or Christians? I think the answer is obvious. Get rid of those ridiculous stickers.


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