Charlie Sheen: “Winning” the hearts of Tigers all over America

Where have we ended up in this country when society is immortalizing a drug-addicted, woman-beating (allegedly), hooker patronizing, narcissist “winner” known as Charlie Sheen

I’ll tell you: In less than a week he’s managed to match the number of Twitter followers (1,800,000 plus as of this writing; a world record for time) to the amount of money he get’s paid per episode for his CBS hit show Two and a half Men.  His interview earlier this week gave ABC’s 20/20 its highest ratings in over two years, and quite frankly, he’s all anybody’s talking about now. Yup, Charlie Sheen.

I can’t say anything about the show Two and a half Men; I’ve never seen the show (I haven’t watched sitcoms since, oh I don’t know, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, All in the Family, etc.). What I CAN tell you about Charlie Sheen is that he’s a soon to be “has-been”, a “my generation” television and movie actor with a few notable A-rated films under his belt, i.e. Platoon, Wall Street, and…….really nothing else of significance since.

So why are we so infatuated with Charlie Sheen? Because we are a “REALITY-OBSESSED, STARVED FOR ENTERTAINMENT, WISH I WERE FAMOUS, TOO, I’M THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL, I’VE GOT TIGER BLOOD SOCIETY”.  Let’s face it.  In some sick, twisted way, we all envy the Charlie Sheens of this world. He’s rich, he lives in Hollywood, he’s plastered(literally) all over the tabloids and news shows every night, and he’s surrounded by beautiful women. Latest rumors have it that one of his “Barbie Twins”, Rachel, had moved out and that he was “accepting applications” to replace her. But apparently she’s back and “it’s all good” (Twitter. Yup, guilty, I’m following.) We, as Americans, thrive on stories like this; Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, ………………….Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jimi, Janis, Jim Morrison, etc., you see where I’m going here.  Anybody with half-a-brain who saw his 20/20 disaster knows that he is one 911 call away from the morgue.

Now, in perfect “I’m not an addict” fashion, Charlie Sheen will try to redeem himself by traveling to Haiti with Sean Penn(better late than never) to help victims of the disastrous 2010 earthquake that killed thousands and left the country in total chaos and disarray. How inspiring?

The bottom line is: We, as Americans, have lost all of our morality. I don’t mean everybody per se, but society in general. The world (and not that I care) laughs at us. The greatness that this country and what it stands for isn’t recognized by a majority of our own citizens and news media outlets. We’ve lost our sense of purpose. We’ve got to get our priorities straight. Our country is broke, we’ve got unemployment, rampant crime, our cities are disheveled,we’ve got illegal immigrants running around breaking every law in the book, Muslim radicals want to kill us on our own soil, and Mexican drug cartels are dragging their war across our porous border terrorizing farmers and innocent people in the southwest and other parts of the country, democrats want to take my hard earned money and give it to people who don’t work,  and what are we most concerned about? Charlie Sheen, American Idol, Jersey Shore, The Kardashian’s, etc.

So what’s worse? Charlie Sheen’s addiction to drugs or 50 million American’s addiction to Charlie Sheen?




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