What’s up, Doc? You’re late for MY appointment.

I guess it’s the “status quo” nowadays,  waiting thirty minutes or more at the doctors’ office.  Well,  my latest turn was sixty minutes. A whole hour of my life wasted, sitting in a chair thumbing through outdated copies of Women’s Day magazine and a couple of local publications like Boca Raton Design, staring at custom kitchen cabinets and granite countertops  that I will never be able to afford (playing with your cellphone gets old after a while).

I don’t mean to rant, but I had a 4:15 appointment. There were five or six already in the waiting room when I got there and when I finally made it to the examination room it was 5:15. There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back. Believe me, I wouldn’t trade our medical system here for anywhere in the world; ours is the best by far. But c’mon, you wouldn’t wait an hour in line at the butcher, would you? I’m sure after about fifteen minutes or so you’d start thinking “where else can I go for that pork chop?”

What doctors seem to forget is that if I have a 4:15 appointment with the doctor, then the doctor has a 4:15 appointment with me! The guy who’s paying him! Or her.

And speaking of paying…… I had the same appointment 2 months ago. Not to disclose too much of my health situation, nothing serious, just routine crap( I am forty-five years old, you know), but I waited forty-five minutes that day and when I finally made it in, I spent a total of four minutes with the doctor. No shots, no meds, no blood pressure check, no tools involved, just a little feel here and there (I even coughed the way Kathleen Sebelius told me too) and he bills my insurance company $400!!!! Four hundred dollars for four minutes. Holy shit, where the hell did I go wrong in life? I’m so glad my insurance company didn’t even come close to paying him that; and people wonder why our insurance rates are so high.

Anyway, note to doctors:

Get your scheduling straight and realize who your customers are before some of us start shopping somewhere else.


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