The “No-Ride List”

So what’s with the democrats lately? Ol’ Chuckie Schumer wants to implement a “No-ride” list sort of mirroring the “No-fly” list we have that supposedly keeps terrorists off of airplanes.

We’ve got Obama killing terrorists like he’s Dick Cheney on a hunting excursion (we all know about bin-Laden, but you didn’t hear on your trusty news channel about the drone attack agains Anwar Al-Alwarki, the asshole dual citizen hiding out in Yemen. We missed). Diane Feinstein wants to investigate Pakistan to find out how bin-Laden was hiding out in their country for 6 or so years and didn’t tell us about it.

Aren’t these so called conservative-republican causes? I mean, where’s the ACLU? I guess we must’ve read bin-Laden his rights before we shot him or they’d be screaming from the steps of Columbia University all the way to UC Berkely.

So Chuck Schumer wants to implement a “No-Ride” system for Amtrak.

Good! I think we should. Evidence taken from the bin-Laden raid shows that Al-Qaeda was plotting a 9/11 anniversary attack on trains and other modes of transportation this year. Whether a political ploy or not, it’s good to see democrats finally putting the safety of our country first instead of their usual “civil rights” for terrorists and America haters alike.

I still say we take it a step further and follow Israel‘s protocol and racially profile. Sorry, but it’s true. Israel is probably the safest country on earth and look who they’re surrounded by.

GUN OWNERSHIP, BORDER ENFORCEMENT and RACIAL PROFILING!!!!! There would be a hell of a lot less crime in this country, not to mention terrorism.


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