Scum Exposed


Here are pictures and stories of sex offenders,  illegal immigrant criminals (we’ve got enough of our own scum), and other dirt bags from around the country. It’s time Regular Americans wake up and put a stop to this once and for all. Do your part to help clean up the mess: Arm yourself, get the word out, look them up on Facebook and Google, call them out for what they are: Pieces of $hit that don’t deserve a life in this great country.

The pic links to the story. Spread the word.

Look past the gnats and bugs living in this guy’s hair and see what this sorry piece of $h*t did to a community grocer in Belle Glade, Florida. Read the story and it’ s links. The media is turning it into a race story. Get this: Not because he killed a white family man that helped his community and even gave free food to poor black families, but because law enforcement doesn’t put enough effort in solving crimes when the victim happens to be black.

Deported illegal immigrant gets back in; tries to molest two small boys. Needs to be castrated then thrown back over the border.


Shawn Tyson. That’s his name. A piece of shit from some ghetto in Florida, who definitely should have been aborted, guns down two innocent, productive members of society whos lives had meaning. The story is heartbreaking. Click on this thugs’ mug to read. The death penalty is the only appropriate punishment for this scum.

I’m starting to hear more and more stories like this. His name is Michael Sykes. This SCUM, who should’ve been aborted a long time ago, and seven other thugs just like him, lured an eleven-year-old girl into a park in suburban L.A. and GANG RAPED her. I think every state should apply the death penalty in these cases. It’s their duty to protect innocent children from these pieces of $hit. Click on his mug to read the full story.

White baseball fan beaten to within inches of his life by hispanic suspects. Most likely MS-13 thugs or illegal aliens. It’s just time for every law abiding citizen to be armed so we can eliminate these scum from our beloved country. The LAPD previously released sketches of the two suspects, described as Hispanic men between 18 and 25 years old who were wearing Dodgers clothing. The police urged anyone with information about the attack to call them at (877) 527-3247.

Send in the Clowns: Child entertainer rapes 12 year old girl.

From Jacksonville, Florida: Parents allow sex offender to sleep with 9 year old child and do nothing. What will it take to stop these animals?

This story comes from England but it’s still sick as we have worthless scum in this country just the same. Click on her sexy mug to read what she did to her own child.

I’m passionately pro-life, but every one of these maggots should’ve been aborted. Animals is the only word I can associate with these scum. Just look at them. They’re probably proud of what they did.

This story is VERY serious. Although the victim was a drug dealer himself, what happened to him is barbaric. We are hearing stories about this more and more everyday. We are at war with Mexican drug cartels, and they are winning.  Click on the mug to read the story. This 3rd world turd is still on the loose.

Toddlers body found burned in mothers oven.  Click on her ugly mug to read the story. Why waste the taxpayers money on a trial?


MS-13 worthless piece of shit kills innocent man in a case of mistaken identity. These people need to be eliminated from civilized society. This happens because of our lax open border policy. Scum like this pour into our country everyday and we do nothing.


Horrific story from here in south Florida. Foster father tries to kill twins by dousing them in toxic chemicals. He was half successful. This guy should be run through a wood chipper.


Look what this maniac did. Kills members of his own family and wreaks havoc during a day and a half rampage. More worthless scum that this country doesn’t need.

Another worthless piece of garbage. This one was supposed to be deported 10 years ago. He never left and now 3 innocent people are dead.

Look what this sick sadistic piece of s**t did!


  1. This comment is perfect for this site. The scum is a fake, phony individual using a fake name of Shanera Gomez and self called Panda Su. Her real name is Shanera Keitt. She is from Hollister, in San Benito county, and has moved to San Diego. She moved to hide her identiy and extensive criminal past. In Hollister, she was convicted of serious (any other type) child abuse on her own four children. She also was involved in street gang activity. Shanera has an outstanding warrant, in Dekalb County, Georgia. Her ghetto like mugshot can be seen at Just use Shanera Keitt. Shanera will resort to any method to use, abuse, steal or commit any crime as long as she does not get in trouble or do time. Her identity has been changed quite drastically. Compare her mugshot with her facebook account named Pand Su (I laugh when I say that). You will see the desperate attempt of Shanera to hide her appearance. I hope this reply will help the public identify and avoid this individual. She is definitely a Scum.

  2. Shanera (Keitt)Gomez is up to no good. She was busted pretending to work for a financial institution, in San Diego. To hide her fraud she deleted her Linkedin account and changed her Facebook. Again, she has changed her appearance drastically. She has long black straight Indie hair, which she never washes. Shanera also wears a mega ton of makeup, to hide her bad acne and pockmarks, as well as her futile attempt to be pretty. There is also a lot of loose, flabby skin all around the stomach area. She also has a bad feminine odor issue. Remember, she abused her own flesh and blood. four of them. That and her criminal behaviour defenitely qualifies Shanera as scum, the worst type.

  3. There was no mention on the status of the children Shanera abused. Thankfully, Child Protective Services moved and and removed the children before Shanera could do more harm. CPS should be recognized for saving those kids from future trauma and abuse by Shanera. God bless CPS. They do a important job.

  4. Putting things in perspective, Adrian Peterson (pro football player) abused his one child. Shanera abused her own FOUR children. Any abuse is bad, but tell me who is worst? Child abusers are bullys who take advantage of people and destroy life. The worst type of scum is the child abuser of your own children. Anyway, Shanera has other worries. She is under investigation for felony grand larceny. I gues once a criminal always a criminal. They hardly ever change. Criminals are pathological liars by nature and Shanera is no different. What makes her the scum of the earth is she abused her own children. What a piece of crap.

  5. There has to be major gratitude to the courts of San Benito. They ordered Shanera sterilized, so she could not do this again, to her own children. The courts and CPS agree, she is a threat to those that cannot protect themselves. She abused the unprotected and vulnerable. Shanera is the real deal, a piece of garbage….scum!

  6. Shanera Gomez is on Facebook as Panda Su (no joke). She frequently communicates with a San Diego Realtor named Ivett Chavez, on Facebook. I guess you are who you walk with or birds of a feather flock together. Well, you get what I am saying. Shanera is also claiming to be employed at TJ Maxx, in Chula Vista. Remember, Shanera is a multiple convicted criminal, with connections to a professional identity thief, and a child abuser of her own children. She cannot be trusted with people’s financial information. Shanera is always up to no good. I guess TJ Maxx does not care, but their customers do. What a liability. Shanera is very deceitful, dishonest, manipulative and not very smart. What a bad combination.

  7. There has been inquiries on what type of abuse Shanera committed on her children. Any abuse, on any child, is wrong. It is especially horrific when one sexually abuses their own children. This is what Shanera did and without any guilt or remorse.

  8. Shanera Gomez is trying to assimilate in the Asian community. She is well known all over, but I guess the Asians are the next victim. Shanera is not going back to the Southern US because she is wanted by the law. Her kids are in South Carolina, living with their grandmother, where they are protected from sexual attacks. Californians do not sexual criminals like Shanera. The laws here are to lenient and that is the reason people like Shanera live here. She can get away with the horrific crimes she commits. There is nothing we can do but stay vigilant and aware of who is around us and what they are up to. Believe me, Shanera is a bully, who takes advantage of the vulnerable, despite if they cannot defend, or protect themselves.

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